Emotional Literacy:
The Key to Conscious Parenting

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The magic of this program is in the synergy between the illustrated story book, the kids activity book, and the parents’ guide. See for yourself with a FREE download.

Can you envision your child, years from now, healthy, happy, and successful? According to leading experts, Emotional Literacy is one of the top three factors in determining whether a child achieves their full potential.

Give Them The Key

Emotional Literacy is the ability to recognize, understand and appropriately express our emotions. It’s the first step on the road to Emotional Intelligence, sometimes referred to as “EQ.” When you raise your child’s EQ, they become well adjusted, self confident, empathetic and emotionally balanced individuals, equipped with the skills needed to make informed decisions throughout the rest of their lives and careers.

Understanding and nurturing your child’s EQ is essential if you wish to connect on a deeper level and guide him or her through difficult emotions.

Rowan Gabrielle and Ayman Sawaf, and their son Azlan. Ayman is one of the original creators of the discipline known as Emotional Literacy, an early pioneer in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and co-author of the international best selling book, Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations. In the video below, Ayman shares why he created the Emotional Literacy Program…

Tools for Life

The result of not acquiring the skills of Emotional Literacy or Emotional Intelligence is often behavioral problems that can result in serious distress for the family, as well as the child.

You would think something this critical to child development would be taught in schools, but sadly it rarely is. That’s why the “Kids EQ Emotional Literacy Program” was developed.

Beginning with the seven most challenging emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, hurt, grief, loneliness and guilt, your child gains:

  • A deeper awareness of what emotions are
  • The skills to express emotions in a healthy way
  • The tools to turn their emotions into positive energy
  • The ability to get information from their emotions
  • The ability to make empowered choices

Each emotion is addressed in a three-book set:

  • An illustrated story book
  • A child’s activity coloring book
  • An easy to use parent/teacher guide

“This is now my “go-to” resource that I can grab whenever I see my child angry, frustrated or jealous etc…”

“EQ is important because children just don’t know how to express themselves when they are emotional”


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“My deepest hopes for my children is for them to become strong, capable, confident and happy people”

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