A warm welcome from the KIDS EQ Team

KidsEQ is a children’s media company whose mission is to promote Emotional Literacy at home and in schools.

The late Ayman Sawaf was a trailblazer in the field of Emotional Literacy and co-founder of Feel.org, a non-profit advocating for Emotional Literacy in education, which later merged with 6second.org. Together with wife and partner, Rowan Gabrielle, they formed a diverse, global team, united by a passion for empowering families and educators with the tools needed for emotional understanding.

We’re community builders, compassionate coaches, creative writers and changemakers on a mission to create a conscious space where the transformative power of understanding and expressing emotions illuminates the path toward a more emotionally intelligent future.


The Original Emotional Literacy series creators:

Series Concept: Ayman Sawaf, Kevin Ryerson,
Parent Guide author: Illene Dillon,
Producer: Gudran Hoy,
Advisors: Sirah Vettes, Harold Bloomfield,
Art Therapist: Liz Farrington
Story Book Illustrators:
Heather Preston
Hui HanLiu
Jaclyne Scardova
Jeremy Thornton
Brain McGovern
J Douglas Moran
Activity Book Illustrator:
Tina Cash
Story Book writers:
Jennifer C Weil
Leslie McGuire
Susan Goldman Rubin
Jonathan Sherwood
Other contributors:
Rowan Gabrielle, Joe Geus, Linda Robinson