KidsEQ is using Aytopia brand’s Social Commerce E-franchise model. Social Commerce is the emerging wave of e-commerce that uses social networks as viral points of retail sales, where friends, family and communities engage in friendship, content, and commerce. KidsEQ uses the intimacy of trusted word-of-mouth experience, advocacy and education within social networks to support each other in making consumer choices.

Based on the traditional franchise model, it takes the best of Franchise mixed with the best of Direct Marketing to provide a sales team that sells curated items within the ‘trust circles’ they live their daily lives in. The store provides the Conscious Parent with all the products they need to bring up their children – from support in Social Emotional Learning, to Healthy and Environmentally sound products.

The KidsEQ opportunity is ideal for people seeking additional income through E-commerce and desiring a turnkey business opportunity that pays a true reseller commission, rather than a lesser affiliate payment. Franchisees are provided with everything they need to be able to promote the products to their friends and colleagues.

KidsEQ is a brand with purpose. Our franchisees are motivated by the purpose of upgrading our children’s education with Emotional Literacy. The Franchisees act as the front end ‘word of mouth’ marketers for brands they believe in. Our stores will be available on Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks.