Working with Grief: And Peter Said Goodbye


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ISBN: 9781568441009


Mrs. Murgatroyd always knows when a child needs her, and is there with her magical paint pots that collect the colors of the rainbow, ready for them to paint their heart's true feelings - allowing them to work through their own issues.

In this story, Peter draws himself a robot to carry him across the lands so that he can attend his grandpa’s funeral and make peace with his death. Peter spent many happy hours with his grandpa, wandering Wick Creek Woods and fishing for bass. But that was before his grandfather moved to California - before the horrible foggy day when he was hit by a car and killed. Left with a babysitter while his parents attend the funeral, Peter is angry and hurt. Why couldn't he go too? After school, Peter heads for the woods where he can be by himself. But in an unfamiliar clearing bathed in the light of a rainbow, he meets the wise Mrs. Murgatroyd. With the help of her magical paints, Peter embarks on a fantastic journey across the country to his grandfather's funeral. There he is at last able to say goodbye and discover his own path toward acceptance and healing.

Illustrated with exquisite watercolor paintings, this magical and reassuring story invites young readers and listeners to develop their own inner power to meet life's challenges with courage and creativity.

  • Full-color hardcover picture book
  • All the Books in the Mrs. Murgatroyd Series are taken from case studies of a real child’s story of learning to deal with, understand, and befriend their emotions. After reading the story together you and your child can discuss your own emotions using the book as a starting point.


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