Working with Loneliness: The Rainbow Fields


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ISBN: 9781568440040


In the stunning book dealing with Loneliness, Lucy has just moved and is far from her friends and her beloved dog, as she is looking for how to interact with this strange new land she finds herself in a magical daydream, she faces her loneliness, and find ways to re-frame it, with the help of Mrs Murgatroyd, the woman who lives in a hollow tree at the end of the rainbow, she goes through a magical journey that shows her the light at the end of the tunnel and allows her to transform her loneliness and to begin to create connection.

  • Full-color hardcover picture book
  • All the Books in the Mrs. Murgatroyd Series are taken from case studies of a real child’s story of learning to deal with, understand, and befriend their emotions. After reading the story together you and your child can discuss your own emotions using the book as a starting point.


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