Working with Jealousy: Tanya and the Green Eyed Monster


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ISBN: 9781568440026


A tomboy herself, Tanya is tired of hearing her prim little sister, Jenny, praised for playing so quietly with her dolls and for staying so neat and clean. Their mother says Tanya has a green-eyed monster inside her, and Tanya wishes she did -so it could chase Jenny right out of her life. Not sure whom she hates more - Jenny, or herself for feeling that way - Tanya climbs down from her treehouse and heads for the woods. There she meets the remarkable Mrs. Murgatroyd, Entranced by the wise woman's magical rainbow paints, Tanya paints a fierce-looking green-eyed monster. Suddenly, with a hiss and a snarl, her painted monster comes to life and escapes. With Mrs. Murgatroyd's encouragement, Tanya sets out to find it and soon discovers she isn't the only person with a green-eyed monster - and maybe there are ways she can learn to tame it.
Written and illustrated with warmth and humor, Tanya and the Green-Eyed Monster reassures children that feeling jealous is common to everyone and that by acknowledging their feelings, they can learn to manage them.

  • Full-color hardcover picture book
  • All the Books in the Mrs. Murgatroyd Series are taken from case studies of a real child’s story of learning to deal with, understand, and befriend their emotions. After reading the story together you and your child can discuss your own emotions using the book as a starting point.


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