The Full ‘Original Emotional Literacy Series’ (21 books)


88 in stock

88 in stock


21 books covering 7 emotions, with a parent guide, activity book and storybook for each emotion.

Becoming emotionally literate is learning the alphabet, grammar, and vocabulary of our emotional lives. It’s is the first step along the path of acquiring “emotional intelligence (EQ),” the quality that, along with IQ, can predict one’s success in life.

Emotions are an integral part of human nature. Through them, we respond to life in many different ways – such as with anger, happiness, fear, love, loneliness, etc.

Emotions influence our thoughts and actions; they inspire our needs; affect our bodies and impact our relationships.

Many of the problems in modern society are due, at least in part, to people being unable to understand and appropriately express emotion. Emotional Literacy is a preventive tool, which, properly utilized, can help solve many social ills, such as violence, illness, drug abuse, dysfunctional relationships, and global societal conflicts.

Emotional Literacy is universally relevant as well. It can benefit every individual, every organization, and every profession with the capacity to transform each person and their relationships.

Emotional Literacy is a key to living a full and rich life. It is basic to joy and enthusiasm, and fundamental to your ability to love and be loved.

1 review for The Full ‘Original Emotional Literacy Series’ (21 books)

  1. Rowan Gabrielle

    “This book series is a fantastic way to familiarize children with identifying their own and other’s emotions. How to recognize when they or someone else is feeling a certain way based upon visual cues such as signs of anger- clenched teeth, fast heart pounding, hands balled into fists. It also helps them to learn how to defuse these emotions before they get out of hand.

    I’ve personally used some of the books in this series with children in an after-school program grades 3-5. The kids said they enjoyed the class and the activities associated with the book which were included as part of the set.”

    By BethBakes

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