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The Original Emotional Literary Series is a comprehensive 21 book set covering seven key childhood emotions: Anger, Fear, Jealousy, Guilt, Hurt, Grief and Loneliness.

Each set in the series contains:

  • Hardcover Illustrated Story book
  • Kids Activity book - full of activities, games and exercises to help children understand and express their emotions
  • Parent/teacher guide -  full of useful information about the emotion along with tips, activities and games for you to work on with your child(ren).

Each book tells a different story of a child working through one of the seven emotions. The stories are based on real life case studies of children working with an Art Therapist, personified in the books by Mrs Murgatroyd. These stories are a great way of opening up a conversation with your children.

ANGER: Painting the Fire

The class bully has been picking on Ryan, but when Ryan finally strikes back, he is the one punished!

He takes refuge in an empty art room, embarking on an adventure that helps him face and understand the causes of his anger.

Colorful illustrations express Ryan’s feelings in a story that encourages children to express their feelings of anger rather than keep them bottled up inside.

FEAR: Nightmares in the Mist

Everywhere Alicia turns, she sees the glowing red eye of an enormous monster coming toward her through a smoky, swirling mist.

With the help of a wise woman’s magical paints, Alicia gains the courage to confront the monster and discover the true source of her fears.

Written with warmth and compassion, this story encourages children to express their fears and work through them.

JEALOUSY: Tanya and the Green Eyed Monster

Tanya loves her little sister, but she’s tired of hearing her praised for playing quietly and staying so neat and clean. Tanya heads for the woods where she discovers that she isn’t the only one with a green-eyed monster.

This story reassures children that feeling jealous is common to everyone and that, by acknowledging their feelings, they can learn to manage them.

GUILT: Red Poppies for a Little Bird

An excellent student and a model of good behavior, Tom now finds himself failing his classes and in big trouble at home. Angry and confused, he sneaks out of the house and sets off for the old quarry where he confronts and comes to terms with the guilty secret that’s been haunting him.

This is a sensitive story that encourages children to talk about feelings of guilt rather than holding them in.

HURT: William’s Gift

William is sent to his room for bad behavior. Hurt and disappointed, he runs away from home only to discover a wise and wonderful guide who helps him come to terms with his hurt feelings. Through this experience, he receives the gift of self-confidence.

With rich, inviting illustrations, this story helps young readers develop their own inner strength to meet life’s challenges.

GRIEF: And Peter Said Goodbye

Peter and his grandfather spent many happy times together, but then one day grandfather died. Angry and hurt, Peter heads for the woods where he embarks on a fantastic journey where he is at last able to say goodbye.

Exquisite watercolors blend elements of magic and reality in this heartwarming tribute to the power of love and resilience of the human spirit.

LONELINESS: The Rainbow Fields

Lucy wishes her family had never moved. She hates her new school and misses her big, cuddly collie. Suddenly, Lucy finds herself swept into the magical world of her imagination and discovers that being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely.

Accompanied by richly detailed paintings, this story encourages children to use their own creativity to discover for themselves the importance and pleasures of solitude.

3 reviews for The Full ‘Original Emotional Literacy Series’ (21 books)

  1. Stuart R

    I loved reading the EQ books to Mia as a child. She loved them too and definitely connected cognitively and emotionally. I fondly remember her loving the wise, loving, woman (good witch) who lived in the big tree.

  2. Denee Jordan

    want to say “Thank You” for your lovely, insightful, brilliant books! They have already been dispersed to hundreds of our kids and their families! They are truly a gift!
    So much appreciated,

  3. Amazon customer

    This is one book which I wish to retain in my library of books at the office. I am a Mental Health therapist, an art therapist, and this book is a very helpful tool to have around. It deals with nightmares in a way that is just vague enough to be valuable to any reader with nightmares. It is especially helpful to African American girls, as this is who the main character is. What a joy to find a book where one of the characters is an art therapist!

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