Working with Hurt: William’s Gift


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ISBN: 9781568440071


William is sent to his room for bad behavior while his family finishes decorating the Christmas tree. His brother and sister tell him that he is clumsy and a klutz. He feels as if he cannot do anything right, everyone is always criticizing him. In his hurt and disappointment. he decides to run away from home. cold and alone. William encounters the wise Mrs. Murgatroyd. With the help of her magical paints, William creates a computer game in which his character, Elf, must decorate a Christmas tree while the Meanies try to stop him. Through his game, William comes to terms with his hurt feelings and realizes that he can do things right. Through this experience, he receives the gift of self-confidence.

William's Gift with its rich, inviting illustrations helps young readers develop their own inner strength and power to meet life’s challenges with courage and creativity.

  • Full-color hardcover picture book
  • All the Books in the Mrs. Murgatroyd Series are taken from case studies of a real child’s story of learning to deal with, understand, and befriend their emotions. After reading the story together you and your child can discuss your own emotions using the book as a starting point.


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