Working with Anger: Painting the Fire


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ISBN: 9781568440019


Powerfully illustrated with colored pencil and watercolors, Painting the Fire encourages children to acknowledge their anger and express it in a positive way that will enable them to effect change and growth in themselves and others.

It isn't fair! Ever since school started, the class bully has been picking on Ryan. But when Ryan finally strikes back, the teacher marches him straight to the principal's office. Left alone, Ryan feels like he'll explode if he doesn't do something. Storming out of the office, he takes refuge in the empty art room and buries his head in his arms. Hearing a strange sound, Ryan looks up and finds himself in a strange room, watching a mysterious woman collect the blazing colors of a rainbow with magical paint pots. Drawn to the magical colors, Ryan paints an enormous volcano. Suddenly, the earth trembles, and with a noise like rolling thunder, the volcano erupts and blasts Ryan straight into an amazing adventure that will change his life.

  • Full-color hardcover picture book
  • All the Books in the Mrs. Murgatroyd Series are taken from case studies of a real child’s story of learning to deal with, understand, and befriend their emotions. After reading the story together you and your child can discuss your own emotions using the book as a starting point.


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