Here is How To Guide Your Children To a Happier Life and Connect with Them on a Deeper and More Meaningful Level

When you become your child’s emotional coach and help them become emotionally literate, you will equip them with the skills they must have to effectively deal with the challenges they will encounter in life. (They’ll thank you when they grow up!)

What is Emotional Literacy?

Emotional Literacy is the first step towards building your child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It is the ability to recognize, understand and appropriately express our emotions. It is an essential skill that we (not just your child) must work to develop.

Becoming emotionally literate is learning the alphabet, grammar and vocabulary of our emotional life. In a world where academic literacy is increasingly the norm and other forms of literacy – such as technological and computer — are expected, emotional literacy must become commonplace in order for human beings to grow, evolve and face the challenges of the future.

How does raising your child’s EQ help them?

When a child raises their EQ they become well rounded, self confident, empathetic and emotionally balanced individuals, equipped with the skill needed to make informed decisions throughout the rest of their lives and careers.

Understanding and nurturing your child’s EQ is essential if you wish to connect with him on a deeper level and guide him through negative emotional patterns namely: Anger, fear, jealousy, hurt, grief, loneliness or guilt.

Imagine if your children could actually:

  • Gain deep understanding of what is causing their negative emotions
  • Have the knowledge and techniques to turn negative emotions into positive energy
  • Manage their emotional state to make the right decisions, at the right time, for the right reasons


Here is what to do next:

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That way we can customize the crash course and all follow up content to your child’s specific needs.

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