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Emotional Literacy is the ability to recognize, acknowledge, understand, and express our emotions appropriately. It’s the first step towards developing Emotional Intelligence—a guiding compass for a lifetime of resilience, healthy relationships, and a brighter future.

An Oversight in Education

In a world where academic achievements, scientific knowledge, and computer literacy dominate the educational landscape, a crucial aspect of our children’s learning and development is overlooked. We’re given a roadmap for academic success, from ABC’s to 123’s, all widely supported by schooling systems across the world. But where in the global curriculum are we provided with the building blocks for Emotional Intelligence and ultimately, resilience? Emotional Literacy is the missing piece of the jigsaw.

Navigating Emotional Challenges

The signs of poor emotional literacy in children are subtle yet significant. Imagine a scenario where your child is facing a challenging situation, be it at school or at home, that brings up feelings of anger or jealousy, for example. If they’re not equipped to recognise and understand these strong emotions, they will struggle to express themselves.

This lack of Emotional Literacy leaves children “stuck” in recurring negative feelings, which then presents as unhelpful behaviors. The consequences are profound, impacting their ability to communicate positively, navigate changes with resilience, and build and maintain healthy relationships. This may lead to a repeating cycle of emotional challenges, affecting their well-being and hindering their future as they carry these into adulthood.

Emotional Learning for Parents & Kids

As parents and caregivers navigating the complexities of raising the next generation, many of us lack essential skills and knowledge to guide our children through the intricate web of emotions. We haven’t been provided the tools to teach Emotional Literacy because, historically – and through no fault of our own – it hasn’t been prioritized. Quite literally, we haven’t learned the language of Emotional Literacy. This absence in our own education leaves us in uncharted territory, grappling with a crucial aspect of our children’s development that directly influences their future happiness and success.

As a Mom, these books and these concepts benefit me the most, because I don’t think I had that as a child – the guidance, the direction or the nurturing.

– Shylah, Kids EQ Mom

Bridging the Gap in Emotional Literacy

At Kids EQ, we recognize the urgent need to bridge this gap in our children’s education and provide parents with the tools to nurture Emotional Literacy. Our program, founded by Emotional Literacy pioneer, Ayman Sawaf, draws on a lifetime of working with emotions to create a transformative journey for both children and parents. We believe in acknowledging feelings, fostering open conversations, and guiding children to understand the choices they have when faced with challenging situations.

Empowering Children with Emotional Intelligence

When a child has the ability to own their anger and not blame it on their parent or something external, they can stay in their own energy. This way, in bringing the awareness and choice back to themselves, they are empowered to do something about the way they feel, rather than feeling powerless in a victim state. When we equip our children with the building blocks of emotional intelligence, they are able to handle life’s inevitable ups and downs with confidence. Our approach involves active participation from parents, creating a shared learning experience that not only benefits your child but enhances your own relationships and social and professional lives.

The Conscious Parenting Hub for Emotional Literacy Education

We’re creating a community that transcends traditional education. Through our programs and an upcoming peer-to-peer learning environment, our aim is to bring forth a world where Emotional Literacy is as fundamental as learning our A, B, C’s. In achieving this, we empower our children with the essential tools to thrive in the modern world. By doing so, we prepare the next generation, ensuring a future characterised by resilience, empathy, and a deep understanding of the human experience.

Emotional Literacy is the key to living a full and rich life. It is basic to joy and enthusiasm, and fundamental to your ability to love and be loved.

– Ayman Sawaf

The Original Emotional Literacy Series

This series, developed by education and childcare professionals and rooted in case studies, offers a collection of 21 beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written books. Each story book is dedicated to exploring and understanding one of seven fundamental emotions – anger, fear, grief, guilt, hurt, jealousy, and loneliness – and is paired with an activity book and a comprehensive parent/teacher guide. The complete program takes you on a journey towards cultivating Emotional Literacy in your family.

This will help you if you’re a parent or caregiver who…

Wants to nurture their child’s emotional well-being and resilience.
Has a child who sometimes struggles to express or manage their emotions.
Practices conscious parenting and believes in the power of emotional awareness in family dynamics
Values the importance of social and emotional skills for their child’s future success.
Seeks a holistic approach to education that goes beyond traditional learning methods.
Is committed to creating a positive impact on their child’s relationships and overall well-being.
Is ready to embark on a transformative journey alongside their child, fostering open conversations and understanding.
Would love practical tools to guide their child through the complexities of emotions.

Improve Your Child’s EQ


Our series serves as a powerful tool to discover Emotional Literacy (EL) and elevate your child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ). By delving into each emotion through engaging stories and activities, your child will learn to recognize, acknowledge, understand, and express their emotions appropriately. Becoming emotionally literate is like learning the alphabet of our emotional lives—an essential first step toward acquiring the emotional intelligence that shapes success in life.

A Comprehensive Learning Experience

The Original Emotional Literacy Series is not just about reading—it’s an interactive program designed for parents and children to navigate the intricate landscape of emotions together. With 21 books covering key emotions, including parent guides, activity books, and captivating storybooks, the series provides a holistic approach to emotional learning. It’s an opportunity for shared exploration, ensuring you and your child build a strong foundation for a happy and fulfilling life.

Transformative Impact on Society

Emotional Literacy goes beyond individual development; it’s a preventive tool for societal challenges. The inability to understand and express emotions is the root cause of all of our societal ills, such as violence, illness, dysfunctional relationships, and global conflicts. By instilling Emotional Literacy in our children, we contribute to a collective effort to address these challenges and create a more harmonious and empathetic society.

Universally Relevant and Life-Enriching

Emotional Literacy is not just a skill—it’s a key to living a full and rich life. It is universal, benefiting individuals, organizations, and professions alike. The Original Emotional Literacy Series is more than a program; it’s an investment in your family’s happiness and joy and their fundamental capacity to love and be loved. Join in as we welcome a world where Emotional Literacy is the foundation of your child’s emotional well-being and societal change.

These books are one of the easiest and fastest ways to learn how to give your children the emotional support they need to navigate life with ease

– Dr. Penny Dyer, Site Coordinator and Clinical Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University

Pioneers of Emotional Literacy

We believe Emotional Literacy is the cornerstone of a brighter future.

For over three decades, Kids EQ has been at the forefront of promoting Emotional Literacy, and our programs are a culmination of a lifelong dedication to understanding and nurturing emotions. Founded in 1989 by visionary entrepreneur Ayman Sawaf, our journey started as “Enchanté Publishing” and evolved into Kids EQ, a platform dedicated to transforming emotional learning for children worldwide.

The late Ayman Sawaf was a trailblazer in the field of Emotional Literacy (EL) and co-founder of, a non-profit advocating for emotional literacy in education, which later merged with Together with wife and partner, Rowan Gabrielle, they formed a coalition of leaders in emotional health to become the driving force behind Kids EQ—pioneers and experts in the vital realm of Emotional Literacy.

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