Easy Tools For Exploring Anger With Your Child

The Emotional Literacy Series: Anger

Colorful illustrations express Ryan’s feelings in a story that encourages children to express their feelings of anger rather than keep them bottled up inside.

  • Full-color hardcover picture book
  • Activity book
  • Parent/teacher guide

“The class bully has been picking on Ryan, but when Ryan finally strikes back, he is the one punished!

He takes refuge in an empty art room, embarking on an adventure that helps him face and understand the causes of his anger.”


Painting The Fire is an excellent series to use when counseling elementary age students. The art therapy is very effective and easy to use because it is right in the workbook. I am using it with two students now and they both are better able to handle their anger in healthy ways instead of destructive ways. There is even a third pamphlet to give to parents. It is filled with suggestions of things they can do to help their children at home.

By Beth Goldstein

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Emotional Literacy: The Key To Conscious Parenting